Frequently Asked Questions

We try to only show items that are available in stock or on demand from supplier. In case an item is sold out it may have been temporarely removed from the store until it will be available again. 

Sometimes the item you want is already available but for some reason still not showing. This can be related to caching, stock status, or faulty urls etc. If you're in luck the item will soon show up again. Regarding custom orders of single items from new suppliers and the like, we (at best) can only serve you with a quick search and link if we should find the spare time.

The catalog is constantly growing. Adding a new brand often takes a bit of time as well as money. The best way to find out about new items and brands is to subscribe to our newsletter. 

Regardless of age, for a beginner it is recommended to start out with a smaller model so thats the build is finished quite soon. 
Italeri, Airfix and Revell have some great starter packs - Model Sets - which include paint, glue and in some cases even tools as well as the model kit.  

No, you may only place your order in the webshop. 

The only way you can get the items before payment is by choosing Invoice as payment method. Additional fees, terms and conditions apply depending on your country. 

You will find the account - and order number on the success page after checking out, as well as in the confirmation email that is automatically sent instantly after your puchase. 

Currently we trust Billmate to handle our invoice service. They will send you the invoice by email as soon as it has been edited/activated by us, sometimes this is done immediately, sometimes we will need to edit/wait for backordered items etc. Any questions regarding your invoice is handled by Billmate customer support.

If you are outside of Stockholm/Sweden there is no collect possible. 
Just get in touch and we'll make sure the items are here or with a supplier, estimated shipping time and so on.