Terms & conditions

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Placing an order

By placing an order you agree to being 18yo or above, or if younger having the approval of your legal guardian.


The following payment methods is currently available:

  • Betalning med kort. I dagsläget VISA och Mastercard via Billmate.
  • Billmate Faktura 14 dagar
  • Billmate Delbetalning 3-12 månader
  • Swish
  • Bankgiro
    About credit card payment
    You can pay by VISA, Mastercard... The payment is processed by Billmate on a secure platform. You need to submit your card number, expiration date details and CVC. 

    Prices and VAT

    All prices are displayed including VAT. The price listed is normally the price to pay. We ... In case something is wrong with your order we will get in touch with you to correct the error and make sure you still wish to fulfil your order.



    You have the right to regret your purchase within 14 days from the day you received it. 
    The product must be returned in its original packaging, and protected properly in the parcel.
    If you regret your purchase the return should be done without any unnessecary delay within 14 days from your return....
    The following rules applies for all products in order to recieve full return without any value deduction: 

    • You can not subject the product in any way, change, paint, glue, cut, or in other ways change the original state of the product. 
    • Model kits that are delived in a box may be carefully opened and inspected. Inner bags or boxes may not be opened. The box and packaging is part of the product and must not be damaged. 
      Paint, glue or other chemicals may not be opened - product of this nature will be affected by opening them. 
      Tools, brushes and other accessories may be inspected to ensure they have expected quality, shape or function in its unused state, however they must not be used in any way, not even for testing purposes. 

    If the product has been used/opened according to above, we reserve the right to subject the product with 100% value deduction for the current order. 

    You may submit your return details by loggin in to your account and fill out the return form on the page "My account". You can also contact us by e-mail. 

    The refund for your return is done when the items have arrived and been approved. The size of the refund is depending on how/if any value deduction is done according to above information. 
    You hold the responsibility for the parcel as well as the shipping cost. DO NOT use any COD (cash on delivery) service since we will either - not collect the parcel, or - will reduce any additional cost from the refund. 



    Always inspect the parcel for any damage when  you collect it. Any obvious damage to the parcel should be reported to the delivery agent. 

    If any faults are found on your product at delivery, please make a complaint with us as soon as possible. 
    In order for us to approve of the complaint: A complaint must always be made, do not just send back the item. Wrong item: If the wrong item has been sent, we will send out the correct item, the faulty item shall be returned at our expense. Product missing: We will re-check against packing documentation and stock events, and then send the missing item will be sent. Broken/faulty item: We will send you a new item. All parts of the faulty product is to be returned. Other cause: Please write and explain. 
    Your notice about faulty items must be submitted within reasonable time from when you discoved, or is expected to have discovered the fault.  
    The right to file a complaint is voided under all circumstances after 3 years. Only the original buyer is able to file a complaint, products bought on the after market is only - if at all - warrented by the manufacturer. In case of dispute about complaints we will follow the recommendation of "Allmänna reklamationsnämnden" (Public complaints department in Sweden). 


    Change or cancel order

    You can not by yourself change or cancel your order on your account. You need to e-mail us and depending on the order status we may or may not be able to cancel the shipment.


    Normally you will collect your parcel in 2-10 days, depending on country, selected shipping method and current stock status of the items ordered.   

    Shipping time:
    The time it takes for your package to arrive depends on:

    • day and time of your order
    • day and time of payment (if other than credit card) as well as when we check your balance on our bank account.
    • which items is in the order and their individual shipping time. The non stock item with the longest shipping time may delay the complete order.
      incoming and outgoing goods handling
    • high order pressure on us, our suppliers, shipping agents and delivery checkout service points - ie before holidays.

    Find your DHL ServicePoint here


    Uncollected parcels 

    We reserve the right to charge any cost for returns, handling fee and such. We charge a minimum fee of 299SEK (25EUR) for uncollected packages. The parcel will stay in your collection service point for about 14 days ( depending on country) before it is returned to us. 

    Shipping cost

    Currently the shipping cost is .... regardless of order value. In case your parcel is very large/heavy in relation to its value we may apply an additional shipping cost. In this case we will let you know.